We’ve also developed a clean interface to let you buy and sell Lusis. Let’s talk about the screens:
All Lusi
This screen lets you view all the Lusi along with their prices. You can also sort the Lusis based on price and ID.
Note that a — indicates that the Lusi’s owner hasn’t set a price.
Lusi Details
By clicking on a Lusi, you can expand its details to view more relevant information such as the owner and NFT specifications.
If you connect an account that owns a Lusi, you’ll see a button on the page that lets you set a price for the Lusi on a modal page. Other users can send you their offers, and if someone offers your asking price, the network will perform the transaction.
On the other hand, if you’ve already set a price, clicking on the button lets you change the price.
Now let’s see what happens when you connect an account that doesn’t own a Lusi.
In this case, you’ll see a “Send offer” button, which will open up a modal and let you place an offer to buy the Lusi.
A cool feature on this page is that you can see the owner’s Twitter and Telegram accounts. We’ve come up with a simple on-chain solution to let Lusi owners publicly display their contact information, which also provides a way to demonstrate ownership using social media — in addition to controlling a wallet.
This solution makes it easier to connect with Lusi owners in the real world.
How can Lusi owners add their Twitter and Telegram addresses to owner info?
Each account requires a Manage Data operation using the owner’s address.
Here’s the operation for Telegram:
Name: LusiTelegram
Value: Your Telegram ID
And here it is for Twitter:
Name: LusiTwitter
Value: Your Twitter ID
You can use Rabet to send the operations in a simple intuitive environment.
Here, you can view Lusi trade stats in the marketplace.
  • The volume of traded Lusis in the past 24 hours.
  • The volume of traded Lusis in the past 7 days.
  • The total volume of trades in the marketplace since the beginning.
  • The chart shows the volume of traded Lusis during each day.
My Lusis
Here, you can see the Lusis owned by the connected account.
My offers
On this page, you can see the offers you’ve placed for different Lusis and remove whichever one you want.
Note: The marketplace interface only supports buying and selling Lusis with NLSP assets. However, that doesn’t mean you’re limited to only one currency. You can use various SDEX to place buy and sell orders using any pair of assets.
You can even send your Lusi without relying on any tools or exchanges. Just send the Lusi to another wallet using a simple Payment operation. As we mentioned, the account that holds the Lusi is considered to be its owner.
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