OBM (Order Book Market)

Info: This is an order-book-based marketplace that allows you to select pairs and trade any assets on Stellar.

AMM (Automated Market Making)

Info: This is an AMM-based market that you can trade and provide liquidity to receive a return fee.


Info: This is an online platform to help users learn more about blockchains and Stellar.


Info: The next generation of fully transparent lotteries on Stellar, where you'll get your real luck back.


Info: This is a collection of 108 Lusi's that you can trade in a decentralized marketplace on Stellar. Learn more ->


Info: This is an auction, based on a fair model that allows curated projects in the Stellar ecosystem to raise capital from their communities in a transparent and fair fashion.


Info: A client with the necessary modules for a standard DAO that All Stellar ecosystem projects can run their governance.


URL: It will be released in Q4 2021
Info: A cross-chain bridge enabling you to transfer your assets between Stellar and other networks and benefit from the opportunities of their markets.
Learn more ->

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