OBM (Order Book Market)

Info: This is an order book-based marketplace that allows users to select pairs and trade any asset on Stellar.

AMM (Automated Market Making)

Info: This market is based on the AMM model, in which users can provide liquidity and receive a fee in return. They can also exchange their assets at the best rates.


Info: This is an online platform to help users learn more about blockchains and Stellar. Each month, we aim to cover an important topic or trend in the field of blockchains.


Info: The next generation of fully transparent lotteries on Stellar, where you'll get your real luck back.


Info: This is a collection of 108 Lusi's that you can trade them in a decentralized marketplace on Stellar.


URL: It will be released at Q4 2021
Info: This is a client for transferring assets between other blockchains (such as Ethereum and BSC) and Stellar. You can easily transfer your assets between different networks on a simple platform.


URL: It will be released at Q14 2022
This is a Compound-like lending protocol, a peer-to-peer marketplace for asset lending and borrowing to be built on the Pendulum network. In this protocol, users can receive a fee for providing liquidity (yield farming) or receive a loan by locking their assets as collateral.


URL: It will be released at Q4 2022
Info: On this platform, asset issuers and project founders can hold auctions for their assets and allow users to participate in those auctions. This platform will not be permissionless because Lumenswap will check the quality of the project and the team to protect users' assets. Projects that meet the minimum requirements will be given access to the platform.
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