Buy tickets
To get started, click the Buy Ticket button and verify your LSP payment through a modal window. After that, your request will be sent to the Stellar network, and your ticket will be purchased.
Note: The transaction hash will serve as your ticket ID.
You need to repeat this process for buying each ticket because we need your signature for each transaction.
But there’s also an easier way to buy more than one ticket. If you log in with your private key, you’ll see the Buy Tickets button instead of Buy Ticket. By clicking this button, a modal window will open where you can enter the number of tickets you want. Next, you can click on the Buy button to get your tickets. Of course, this process may take a while because a transaction should be sent to the network for each ticket.
You can also buy your tickets through other wallets and clients. For that, all you need to do is to send some LSP (The amount is announced by the Lumenswap team before each round) for each ticket through a payment operation to this address. GAB7STHVD5BDH3EEYXPI3OM7PCS4V443PYB5FNT6CFGJVPDLMKDM24WK.
If you send less than the specified amount to this address, you won’t get a ticket, and you’ll lose your funds. Also, if you send more than the specified value to this address, you’ll only get one ticket.
Moreover, your transaction must have a single operation. If you send multiple operations inside a transaction, your funds will be lost and you won’t get a ticket.
Note: We use Horizon for our auction client, which has a request limit of 3600 requests per hour for each IP. If you want to buy a substantial number of tickets, we recommend buying 1000 tickets per hour at most to prevent IP blockage by Horizon.
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