First Milestone

Info: Redesigning the swap section
Description: Lumenswap comes from humble beginnings. It started as a simple solution allowing users to swap various assets and gradually grew to its current state. We have already reached four milestones. The first one involved redesigning and modifying the swap capabilities as the basis of our platform at the time. We needed to offer the best client for swapping assets.
Release date: Q1 2021

Second Milestone

Info: Designing and integrating the spot section
Description: In the second milestone, we went a step further and decided to implement spot transactions so that users could take advantage of features such as limit orders and trade any pair of assets supported on Stellar.
Release date: Q2 2021

Third Milestone

Info: Introducing LSP Asset
Description: Like any other exchange, we needed a force to create an economic and incentive flow within our ecosystem, so we decided in the third milestone to introduce LSP assets.
Release date: Q2 2021

Fourth Milestone

Info: Launching Lumenswap academy
Description: In the fourth milestone, we created Lumenswap Academy, an online platform to help users learn more about blockchains and Stellar. Each month, we aim to cover an important topic or trend in the field of blockchains. In our opinion, knowledge is one of the most important factors when developing an ecosystem, and ecosystem leaders must find ways to transfer that knowledge to community members.
Release date: Q3 2021

Fifth Milestone

Info: Adding Market and Wallet features to OMB market
Description: In the fifth milestone, to fulfill our slogan (i.e., CEX experience and DEX security), we aim to add Wallet and Market features. The Wallet allows users to manage their assets and send them to different addresses on the network. The Market feature displays statistics about the assets listed on Lumenswap and assets with the significant volume on the network.
Release date: Q3 2021

Sixth Milestone

Info: Launching Lumenswap lottery
Description: In the sixth milestone, We introduce the next generation of fully transparent lotteries on Stellar, where you'll get your real luck back.
Release date: Q4 2021

Seventh Milestone

Info: Designing and integrating AMM market
Description: In the seventh milestone, our objective is to design and integrate the AMM, which will be the most important event of this year for Stellar and Lumenswap. As you are reading this proposal, we are creating designs for our AMM pages and striving to create the best possible UX.
Release date: Q4 2021

Eighth Milestone

Info: Designing and implementing the auction platform
Description: The most ambitious client, i.e., the auction client, will be implemented in the eighth milestone. An ecosystem that does not allow users to invest their assets and gain profits, stands no chance of attracting sufficient liquidity and creating a dynamic community. That is why we decided to produce an auction platform on Stellar that allows project managers and developers to auction their assets. Users can participate in these auctions in a completely transparent and fair environment. We will initially support the Dutch and English models.
Release date: Q1 2022

Ninth Milestone

Info: Designing and implementing the bridge between Stellar and other blockchains
Description: The objective of the ninth milestone is to allow users to bring their assets to Stellar from different networks and enjoy the low costs and speed of Stellar. This is another piece of the puzzle, which will drive liquidity on Stellar.
Release date: Q2 2022

Tenth Milestone

Info: Designing and implementing a lending protocol
Description: The final piece of the puzzle, which will make Lumenswap a complete DeFi platform is to implement the lending protocol. This protocol will be built on the Pendulum network and will act as a marketplace for lending—similar to Compound.
Release date: Q3 2022
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