To ensure fair distribution among community members, we’ve devised two mechanisms.
1. For LSP holders
We’ve recently seen the rise of the 10K club in the Lumenswap community. We’re excited about and humbled by this entirely community-driven effort. To honor our members, who are the true owners of Lumenswap, we decided to distribute the first 80 NFTs to 80 lucky holders with more than 10,000 LSP in the wallet.
Now that you’re reading this article, 80 members of the 10K club have one Lusi in their possession. The snapshot was taken on December 13 /2021, and the winners were selected at random.
2. Foundation and Incentives
Lusi 81 to 108 are allocated to the Lumenswap foundation to be used as participation incentives and rewards for the prominent community members or to be auctioned among the community members.
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