Round details
You can see the information related to one round and buy tickets. At the top of the page, you can see the 'Buy Ticket' button which allows you to purchase a ticket by clicking on it.
You will also see the prize image of that round. There are two boxes at the right part of the page in which there is the general information of the round including:
  • Period: The round period When you have time to participate in this round and buy a ticket.
  • Tickets: The number of purchased tickets.
  • Participants: The number of participants (addresses).
And in the second box, you can see the information of the round’s winner including:
  • Address: The Winner’s address.
  • Ticket ID: His/her ticket ID with which the prize has been won.
  • Prize TX: The transaction in which the prize has been sent to the winner.
At the bottom section, you can see the latest tickets and participants with their details that you can find your desired ticket ID or participant through the search box or you can see all the tickets and addresses by clicking on the See All Tickets and See All Participants buttons.
Last modified 1mo ago
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