This is an academy to help you learn more about blockchains and Stellar.

Why You need Lumenswap Academy?

You’ve probably heard that entering the blockchain market is risky and you might win or lose a big amount of your money. These warnings are true and false at the same time. If you don’t know the market that well and just enter it because everyone else is doing the same, then losing money is a big possibility. A great, step by step learning plan can help you to avoid this risk as much as possible. Here are the reasons why Lumenswap Academy is a good provider when it comes to blockchain education:
1. A Comprehensive Knowledge Base
With the massive growth of internet usage and people reading online articles more than ever, blog posts and articles have become a big part of online education. Lumenswap team use this advantage and share their skills with users by providing interesting and intellectual articles about blockchain. These articles are simple to read for everyone and they can clear any confusion that you might have in mind. The writers try to only use facts in their articles and speak from experience, so you can trust the credibility of them.
2. Learning In Your Own Time
Online classes are usually a good way for learning new skills and they’ve been more popularized during the Coronavirus pandemic. But sometimes, the timing might not be ideal for you. Or you might want to learn things more quickly. Lumenswap Academy gives you the chance to learn based on your own terms. You can read all the articles in 2 days or you can read them whenever you have the time for it. Keep in mind though, we normally advice our users to have a consistent plan for learning blockchain.
3. Focus on Stellar Blockchain
One thing that makes Lumenswap Academy unique is its focus on teaching Stellar blockchain. Stellar is a type of payment protocol that allows you to do transaction between different pairs of currencies. This academy specializes in educating its users about Stellar and how it is important in the cryptocurrency market.
4. Simple Courses for Beginners
A lot of people may be newbies and amateurs when it comes to the blockchain topic. You might go on crypto news sites and completely give up on entering this field, because there are so many expressions or specialized words that you may not know. Lumenswap experts try their best to get you on the road in the simplest ways. This easy to understand articles will help you to get familiar with blockchain concept pretty quickly.
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